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A short summary about the engineering team…

Electronics department:
Analog, Digital, signal processing, communication bus, power supply
Software department
Embedded 32 bits, Safety normed (DO178B up to the level A, EN61508, EN50128 up to SIL3), man-machine interface, Technical Application, Architecture, modelling, simulation, FPGA.
Computer Department
Avionics, railways, automotive, PDA, cPCI, PCI, PMC, VME…, CPU Freescale, Atmel, NXP, ST µ, Analog Device, Texas instr. OS: Windows CE, LinxOS, OS9, µ C - OS2
Conversion and energy storage
Innovative topologies, high frequency and resonance, storage batteries Pb, NiCa, Li-Ion, NiMH and supercap, electromechanical integration, Features: 5 to 100KW, 115Vac to 4KVdc, 250g to 1t5!, Railways, Aviation, Marine and submarine industry.
Test tool department
Hardware in the Loop, test benches for development and certification, Bench automatic control testing in production, Metrology testing, avionics embedded testing (development and certification).
Reliability department – RAMS, thermal and environmental testing:
Thermal circuit board management or electronics equipment (thermal analysis and simulation, re-sizing), Reliability studies, Maintainability, Availability and Security, Environmental Qualification, robustness testing, reliability testing, approach to improve reliability.
Quality department:
Quality systems, project/ product quality management, management processes.
Electronic design department
CAD for electronics (Mentor Graphics, Spectra, RE Mentor, Destiny RE, Cadence, Visula, Cadstar, Orcad, CR5000, DDSC, Autocad).
Mechanical design department
Mechanical design, structural calculations and expert technical input.
Prototype development
Prototype production and industrial pre-series production.
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