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Sustainable development

ADETEL GROUP is committed to sustainable development

Is a member of the United Nations’ “Global compact”


ADETEL GROUP has decided to be part of the Worldwide Pact, this pact brings together companies and organisations within the United Nations, the corporate world and civilian society around ten key universal principles related to human rights, working rights, the environment and the fight against corruption: the 10 principles can be viewed by going to this website:

Reduction in dangerous substances: RoHS directives
Recycling industrial waste
By respecting the environment and environmental rules, Adetel group is committed in sorting its industrial waste in a well-managed, responsible way:

Ordinary Industrial waste (DIB)

- Mixed waste reprocessing and upgrading by providers approved.
- Waste sorted Déchetterie.

Electrical and Electronics Equipment Waste (WEEE) Resold for recovery.

Hazardous Wastes

- Soiled and empty packaging and aerosols – to managed recycling tips
- Used solvents Reprocessing and upgrading approved by approved agencies

Printer cartridges reprocessed by an approved company.

The entire group « cultivates » an eco attitude: by using recycled paper, limiting energy consumption, water… printing its flyers on recycled paper, biodegradable pens…







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